DMG LuxaCore Z Core Build Up Material A3

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DMG LuxaCore Z Core Buid Up Composite
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  • All types of core build-up.
  • Cementation of root posts.
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DMG LuxaCore Z Composite For Core Build-Ups And Post Cementation 48 Gm Ctrg

LuxaCore Z-Dual from DMG America, the ultra-strong, ultra-reliable core build-up material created with zirconia. Its combination of zirconia filler with DMG's patented nanotechnology means it significantly improves strength, flowability and physical properties - it's the ultimate in resin technology! LuxaCore Z-Dual also works for your post cementing needs. Available in Natural, Blue and Light Opaque shades.


  • Barium glass, pyrogenic silicic acid, nanofiller and zirconium dioxide in a Bis-GMA based matrix from dental resins. Filler content: 71 % by weight = 50 % by vol. (0.02 – 2.4 μm).


  • All types of core build-up.
  • Cementation of root posts.


  • Do not use the material in cases of allergies to any of the components, in particular benzoyl peroxide, or in the event of contact allergies.
  • Do not use the material with a single-bottle bond because an optimum adhesive bond is generally not assured with chemical or dual-cure materials.
  • Do not use the material if a dry working environment is not possible.


  • Cuts remarkably like dentin.
  • Exceptionally high compressive strength for enhanced stability.
  • Patented nanotechnology prevents particle agglomeration.
  • Better handling characteristics.
  • Film thickness of precision cement.
  • Perfect properties, even when used as a post cement.
  • Smoother material with enhanced flow.
  • More stable, firmer, easier to form.


  • Working Time :1:30.
  • Setting time in mouth :5:00.
  • Flexural Modulus :9.3 MPa.
  • Flexural Strength :150 MPa.
  • Compression Strength :;380 Mpa.
  • Water absorption :20 μg/mm3.


  • 2 x 9g syringes.
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  • 2 x 9g syringes.