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  1. Septodont Dimenol Disinfectant Spray
    • No significant effect on dimensional stability of impressions.
    • Compatible with casting materials.
    • Bactericidal: NF EN 13727.
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  2. Septodont ProGelB Benzocaine 20% Oral Anaesthetic gel
    Special Price ₹375.00 was ₹500.00


    • Temporary Relief of pain due to minor irritation or injury of the oral mucosa and gums.
    • Temporary relief of pain associated with cancer sores ,denture or orthodontic appliances
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  3. Septodont Septo - Etch Etchant
    Special Price ₹375.00 was ₹444.00
    • Etching of dentin and enamel prior to application of a total etch bonding system for composite restorations.
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  4. Septodont Septocal LC
    • Combination of Fluoride and Calcium apatite in a biocompatible resin base to ensure high strength and insolubility in buccal fluids.
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  5. Septodont R4 Root Canal Disinfectant
    Special Price ₹2,325.00 was ₹2,650.00
    • Low surface tension to ensure penetration of solution into dentinal tubules.
    • Large spectrum and rapid action against root canal pathogens (tested on 13 anaerobic bacterial strains).
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  6. Septodont Cresophene With Parachlorophenol & Dexamethasone
    • Disinfect the root canal with a powerful bactericide: parachlorophenol.
    • Contains dexamethasone for its anti-inflammatory properties.
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  7. Septodont Endomethasone N - Root Canal Sealer
    Special Price ₹2,599.00 was ₹3,500.00
    • Radiopaque for easy short & long-term follow up.
    • Neither resorbable after setting nor retractable to allow stable root canal obturation.
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  8. Septodont Biodentine Bioactive Dentin Substitute
    Special Price ₹5,799.00 was ₹6,000.00
    • Capsules & Single Dose Containers.
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  9. Septodont Endure Composite Kit Stock Clear
    Special Price ₹2,599.00 was ₹3,600.00
    • Endure Composite kit is a light cured , radiopaque , resin based dental restorative material with dentin bond and etchant gel kit.
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  10. Septodont Pulperyl Pulp Devitalizer
    Special Price ₹29.00 was ₹555.00
    • Stops pain of toothache allowing time to work on patient rapidly.
    • Patient endures no pain during devitalization process.
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  11. Septodont Isodan Desensitizer
    Special Price ₹2,250.00 was ₹2,400.00
    • Clinically proven, long term relief for patient.
    • Forms a barrier within the dentine tubules and prevents movement of the intratubular fluid.
    • Contains sodium fluoride which reinforces enamel/dentine barrier.
    • With HEMA acting as a wetting agent, which contributes to homogeneous diffusion of Isodan.
    • Can be used under restorations.
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  12. Septodont Marieflex Alginate Impression Material
    Special Price ₹299.00 was ₹333.00
    • Accurate impression for case study and orthodontic models, fabrication of models for mouth guards, provisional restorations, bleaching trays, Partial denture frameworks and occlusal splint appliances.
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  13. Septodont Alveogyl For Dry Socket
    Special Price ₹2,175.00 was ₹2,350.00
    • With a fibrous consistency thanks to Penghawar fibers for an easy filling of the socket and a good adherence to the alveolus.
    • Provides a soothing effect on the alveolar tissues thus helping to rapidly alleviate the pain.
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  14. Septodont Parcan Hyphochlorite Solution
    Special Price ₹137.00 was ₹155.00
    • Ready to use solution, specially formulated for use in endodontics.
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  15. Septodont Aspirating Syringe Fusion Titanium
    Special Price ₹3,575.00 was ₹3,600.00

    Septodont dental aspirating syringes are lightweight, durable and contain no removable parts. Best of all, they are available in three distinct sizes to fit your specific injection style. They offer lightweight aluminum construction of thumb rings, wings, and a surgical grade stainless-steel body.

    Indications: Injection of local anesthetic solution.

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