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  1. Voco Ufi Gel SC Soft A Silicone Relining Material
    Special Price ₹10,250.00 was ₹12,000.00
    • Top quality relining silicone.
    • Complete relining in one single session (chairside).
    • Special adhesive for extreme bonding of silicone to denture.
    • User-friendly and economical.
    • Biocompatible (methacrylate-free).
    • Neutral odour and taste.
    • Stable, aesthetic colour with chameleon effect.
    • Laboratory use: fewer steps than with other cold-cured materials.
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  2. Voco Admira Fusion Flow Flowable Composite 2SYRINGE
    Special Price ₹6,999.00 was ₹8,000.00
    • Admira Fusion Flow is an all-ceramic-based radiopaque, flowable nanohybrid restorative containing ORMOCER technology.
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  3. Voco Depulpin 3g Syringe Pulp Devitalizer Discontinued
    Special Price ₹2,899.00 was ₹3,222.00
    • Depulpin is the arsenic free preparation for pulp devitalisation. Ideal for pulp devitalisation prior to mortal extirpation and residual devitalisation after removal of non vital pulp tissue. The blue shade will help for better visual control during the procedure. Depulpin is quick pain killing and also proven in the case of pulp inflammation.

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  4. Voco Clean Joy Tube Tooth cleaning and polishing paste
    Special Price ₹2,075.00 was ₹2,500.00
    • Stable, homogeneous consistency.
    • No splashing (2,000 – 3,000 r/min).
    • Available in three abrasion grades – can be individually adjusted to each situation.
    • Traffic light coding: simple to use without confusion.
    • Can be used with any instrument (small brush, cup, etc.).
    • Contains fluoride (700 ppm).
    • Contains xylitol (inhibiting effect on the metabolism of bacteria).
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  5. Voco Admira Bond
    Special Price ₹4,455.00 was ₹4,666.00
    • Light-cured acetone based dentin/enamel one-coat, one bottle bonding agent
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  6. Voco Calcimol Self Curing Calcium Hydroxide Paste
    Special Price ₹1,599.00 was ₹1,788.00
    • Effective protection of the pulp.
    • Easy application.
    • Suitable working time.
    • Short setting time.
    • Contains 26% calcium hydroxide.
    • Radiopaque.
    • Supports the formation of secondary dentine.
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  7. Voco Ufi Gel Hard Direct Hard Denture Relining material
    Special Price ₹7,550.00 was ₹8,000.00
    • Hard permanent relining.
    • Direct and indirect relining.
    • Total or partial relining.
    • Ambulant relining.
    • Lengthening of denture rims.
    • Repair and enlargement of dentures.
    • Correction of new dentures.
    • Only one appointment required.
    • Methylmethacrylate-free.
    • Neutral taste and odour.
    • No heat development in the mouth.
    • As easy as taking an impression.
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  8. Voco Polofil NHT Kit Light Curing Nano Hybrid Composite
    Special Price ₹11,599.00 was ₹12,000.00
    • Reconstruction of traumatically affected anteriors.
    • Facetting of discoloured anteriors.
    • Correction of shape and shade for better aesthetic appearance.
    • Locking, splinting of loose anteriors.
    • Repairing veneers.
    • Filling deciduous teeth.
    • Core-build-up under crowns.
    • Composite inlays.
    • High filler degree (> 83 % w/w).
    • Superior physical properties.
    • Tooth-like thermal behaviour.
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  9. Voco Arabesk Flow Flowable Composite
    Special Price ₹999.00 was ₹1,555.00
    • Filling of small cavities.
    • Extended fissure sealing.
    • Filling of cavities class III and V.
    • Lining, coating of cavities.
    • Repairing composite fillings and veneers.
    • Luting of full ceramic restorative pieces.
    • Fine-flowing with excellent wetting capability.
    • Very good aesthetics (chameleon effect).
    • Thixotropic properties.
    • High adhesion with Solobond M.
    • Precise application.
    • Economical.
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  10. Voco Perfect Bleach Bleaching kit With 16% carbamide peroxide
    Special Price ₹2,399.00 was ₹2,550.00
    • Gentle and permanent tooth whitening for vital and non-vital teeth e.g. in cases of staining due to medication, fluorosis, food, trauma, ageing etc.
    • 16 % carbamide peroxide for a fast whitening success.
    • With potassium and fluoride against hypersensitivity.
    • Also available as patientkit.
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  11. Voco Ionolux Light Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative Cement
    Special Price ₹3,199.00 was ₹3,666.00
    • Restorations class III an V, especially cervical fillings and root caries.
    • Fillings on deciduous teeth.
    • Small class I fillings.
    • Temporary fillings.
    • Core build-up.
    • Lining.
    • Easy to apply, can be modelled immediately.
    • Does not stick to the instrument.
    • No conditioning of tooth surfaces before placement of the filling.
    • No varnish required.
    • Ideal for Sandwich technique.
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  12. Voco Meron Glass ionomer luting cement
    Special Price ₹2,722.00 was ₹3,650.00
    • Luting of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, pins, posts and orthodontic bands.
    • Low solubility in the mouth.
    • Low acidity.
    • Biocompatible.
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  13. Voco Amalgam Liner - Set Bottle 4.5 g
    Special Price ₹3,999.00 was ₹5,555.00
    • Ready-to-use varnish with silver to insulate dentine
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  14. Voco Easy Glaze Surface Sealant For Glass Ionomer Cement
    Special Price ₹4,299.00 was ₹4,500.00
    • Surface sealing of glass ionomer cements, provisional crowns and bridges and definitive composite restorations.
    • Protecting glass ionomer cement surfaces against the effects of moisture and dehydration immediately after placement.
    • Sealing glass ionomer cement liners/build-up restorations before taking impressions.
    • Sealing and protecting adhesive interfaces between restoration and tooth structure.
    • Glossy and aesthetic surfaces.
    • Easy to use.
    • Provides protection against discolouration.
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  15. Voco Rebilda DC Dual Curing Core Build Up Material Syringe Refill
    Special Price ₹3,290.00 was ₹4,950.00
    • Light-curing for time-saving application.
    • Additional chemical curing for safe polymerisation.
    • In three shades: blue for easy identification of preparation margins, dentine for aesthetic. reasons, white as an aesthetic contrast to dentine.
    • Luting of fibre reinforced resin posts.
    • Adhesive core buil up on vital and non vital teeth.
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  16. Voco Admira Fusion Composite
    Special Price ₹6,888.00 was ₹7,888.00
    • Admira Fusion is direct restorative that combines nano-hybrid technology and Ormocer technology. 
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