Product Faqs

Product Faqs

  • What is Taper Of Protaper Gold & Protaper Universal

    S1 is designed to prepare the coronal one-third of the canal and has an increasing taper from Dl-D14 (2%-11%). S2 is designed to enlarge and prepare the middle third of the canal and has an increasing taper from D1-D14 (4%-11.5%). The ProTaper Finishing files F1, F2, and F3 have fixed tapers of 7, 8 and 9%, respectively, in their apical extents

  • what is warwick james elevator uses

    Warwick-James Elevator is used to luxate the tooth from the socket and loosen soft tissue attachment to aid extraction. Flat handle decreases the force against the bone and reduces the incidence of the fracture.

  • What is protaper gold files speed and torque

    • The PROTAPER GOLD™ rotary files can be used at motor speeds between 250 rpm and 350 rpm. and Torque setting For Sx and S1 File is 5.10 .For S2 & F1 Files is 1.50 ,FOr F2-F5 Files it is 3.10 NCM

  • What Are Dental Clinic Setup Requirements In India

    Here are things to get started First Thing us Allocating The Buget Using Persoanl Or Bank Loan. Then 2nd thing is Interior Design Of Clinic Third Thing Is Clinical Plumbing & Electrification with Dental Professionals 4th Thing is Buying Dental Chairs & Dental Materials and Instruments

  • Do u Deliver to Patna
  • Doesn't it need an adaptor to fix to HVE

    NO SIR

  • Can u tell me goldman fox probe uses

    GOLDMAN-FOX PROBE. 1-2-3-5-7-8-9-10 Flat probe used to assess periodontal pocket depths, attachment levels, anatomy configurations and gingival bleeding.