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  1. Dentsply DeTrey Conditioner 36 For Etching & Dentin Conditioning
    Special Price ₹2,499.00 was ₹2,666.00
    • DeTrey Conditioner 36 is a blue-tinted gel containing 36 % phosphoric acid for the etching of tooth enamel and conditioning of dentine prior to bonding with resin-based materials.
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  2. Ultradent OpalDam Green Refill NO BOX
    Special Price ₹999.00 was ₹1,444.00
    • OpalDam light-cured resin barrier is a passively adhesive (sealing) methacrylate-based resin barrier used for isolating tissue adjacent to teeth being whitened. 
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  3. MDC Antivet Kit For Fluorosis & Tobacco Stains
    Special Price ₹5,399.00 was ₹5,888.00
    • It acts directly on stains caused by fluorosis, smoking or drinking without damaging the enamel.
    • An effective and reliable dental stain remover with only one dental visit.
    • A Fast and permanent system.
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  4. Biodinamica Master Flow Flowable Composite A2 Shade
    Special Price ₹449.00 was ₹566.00


    • High mechanical resistance;
    • Great flow, allowing access to micro-cavities;
    • Easy handling;
    • High brilliance;
    • Color stability and durability;
    • Variety of colors;
    • Use versatility.
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  5. Denu Nano Hybrid Composite Kit Made in Korea
    Special Price ₹2,850.00 was ₹3,250.00

    It is ready to use solution. This kit comes with all the necessary materials for anterior and posterior restoration.

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  6. Prime Dent Porcelain Repair Kit USA MADE
    Special Price ₹1,599.00 was ₹2,000.00
    • Prime Dent Porcelain Repair Kit (Dental Dam, ETCH, Silane, Drying Agent)
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  7. Prime Dent Porcelain Etch Gel 10% Hydrofluoric Acid Gel
    Special Price ₹725.00 was ₹900.00
    • 10% hydro uoric acid gel conditions porcelain or ceramic surfaces prior to bonding. Used prior to Prime-Dent porcelain bond enhancer
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  8. Papacarie Dental Caries Remover Carisolv Similar
    Special Price ₹4,399.00 was ₹4,500.00

    Indications: In the removal of root caries lesions, deep caries lesions and caries lesions in children, babies, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Eliminates decayed dentin preserving healthy tissue without the use of local anesthesia and the use of rotary cutting instruments in most cases. Very suitable for phobic patients with special needs. Deep cavities reduce the risk of pulp exposure.

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  9. Marathon Endo Motor Endo E Class Endodontic Motor
    Special Price ₹33,705.00 was ₹35,000.00
    • Marathon Endomotor E Class by Saeyang is an endo motor used in conjunction with rotary endodontic files in the biomechanical preparation phase of endodontic therapy.
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  10. Plastic Dappen Dish Single
    Special Price ₹9.00 was ₹20.00
    • Disposable Dappen Dishes.
    • Be put into using completely for one time.
    • may save time and be guarded against.
    • used for etching agent and binder.
    • Specification : 23*32mm.
    • Remarks : autoclavable.
    • Color : Pink White Blue Yellow.
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  11. Mani K Files
    Special Price ₹188.00 was ₹278.00
    • Extraordinarily sharp and mirror-like finished edges with high ductility make for excellent working characteristics.
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  12. 35mm Dental Finger Ruler Scale Endoscale
    Special Price ₹250.00 was ₹399.00
    • A brand new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging.
    • Millimeter Scale For measuring lengths of Endodontic instruments.
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  13. Fgm Whiteness HP AutoMixx 35%
    Special Price ₹4,999.00 was ₹8,500.00

    Hydrogen peroxide whitening gel at 35% for in-office use.

    • Self-mixing system
    • Single application per session
    • Contains calcium: maintains the integrity of enamel
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  14. Fgm Whiteness Rm Tooth stain remover
    Special Price ₹1,499.00 was ₹1,999.00
    •  Greater abrasion: it has in its composition hydrochloric acid at 6% and silicon carbide, which is extremely hard and sharp, which gives it a greater effectiveness when compared to other abrasives such as pumice stone, which is softer and not sharp.
    • • Ease: gray color to highlight the area of application.
    • • Single session: safe, effective, conservative, and aesthetic technique, performed in a single session.
    • • Combination: can be combined with dental whitening.
    • • Comfort: does not cause dental sensitivity.
    • • Definitive stain removal: no recurrence.
    • • Excellent viscosity: ease in application.
    • • No waste: tips release amounts needed, preventing waste.
    • • Practicality: can be applied manually and with the aid of a rubber cup.
    • • Resistance: the microabraded surface becomes more resistant to demineralization.
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  15. Dengen Supreme BRC Bite Raise Composite For Orthodontics 4G Syringe
    Special Price ₹599.00 was ₹899.00
    • Ensures no loss of tooth structure while removing.
    • Radiopaque
    • Excellent wear resistance
    • Ideal consistency
    • Easy application with twist syringe.
    • Blue coloured composite ensures no loss of tooth structure while removing.
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