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Certain brands or products may not be shipped internationally, due to manufacturer restrictions. 
Certain Manufacturer's Promotions are valid for Indian customers only.
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  1. Dentsply Pro Root MTA Root Repair Material
    Special Price ₹2,899.00 was ₹3,109.00
    • Water-based chemistry, allowing normal setting in the presence of moisture;
    • Resistance to marginal leakage and reduction of bacterial migration;
    • Normal healing response without inflammation;
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  2. Woodpecker E-Com Cordless Endomotor & Woodpex III Plus Apex Locator Combo
    • Adopt real-time feedback technology & dynamic torque control,realizing automatic reverse,effectively preventing fracture.
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  3. Denext Premium Saphire Clear Bracket MBT 0.22" Inch
    Special Price ₹5,401.00 was ₹8,399.00
    • Comfort Size Brackets with low profile.
    • Extremely functional and comfortable.
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  4. Denext Ceramic Bracket MBT 345 Hooks
    Special Price ₹809.00 was ₹1,259.00
    • 3-4-5 Hooks.
    • 0.18, 0.22" INCHES SLOT.
    • These are made up of Polycarbonate material and have good aesthetic value.
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  5. Denext Metal Edgewise Bracket MBT 0.22
    Special Price ₹900.00 was ₹1,399.00
    • Comfort Sized Brackets with low profile.
    • Extremely functional and comfortable.
    • Anatomically contoured base matches tooth contour for stronger bonding.
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  6. Indian Agate Spatula
    Special Price ₹16.00 was ₹30.00
    Spatula for mixing glass ionomer cement
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  7. Prevest Calplus Calcium Hydroxide Intro Pack
    Special Price ₹249.00 was ₹340.00
    • For direct & indirect pulp capping and pulpotomy.
    • Apexifications and hard tissue formations.
    • Temporary filling material for infected root canals.
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  8. Prevest Calcigel Calcium Hydroxide Paste Intro Pack
    Special Price ₹190.00 was ₹250.00
    • Apexogenesis.
    • Apexification.
    • Temporary root canal filling.
    • Internal & external root resorption.
    • High pH (pH 12) helps neutralize free acids of obturating cements and restorative materials
    • Reduces hypersensitivity of dentine.
    • 45% calcium hydroxide content helps the neoformation of secondary dentine. Radiopacity for checking treatment.
    • Perfect pulp protection.
    • Syringe for direct application.
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  9. Prevest Dolo Endogel EDTA Gel Intro Pack
    Special Price ₹220.00 was ₹250.00
    • For chemical-mechanical preparation of root canals.
    • Cleansing and enlarging of calcified root canal.
    • Contains appropriate lubricant to minimize potential of file breakage.
    • Helps in mechanical as well as chemical cleansing of root canal preparations.
    • 17% EDTA helps in chelating the calcium salts.
    • Gel helps lubricate endodontic instrument and makes penetration easier.
    • 10% carbamide peroxide promotes internal bleaching on irrigation with hypochlorite solution.
    • Syringe tip delivery. Unsurpassed chelating action.
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  10. Prevest Hiflex Green Stick Tracing Stick
    Special Price ₹110.00 was ₹190.00
    • For border extensions on impression trays.
    • Ideal for recording full depth of suclus.
    • Modify dentate tray by building up material where tooth has been extracted.
    • Make functional and relining .
    • Fast and uniform plasticity.
    • Easy to warm up.
    • Quick hardening in cold water.
    • Wide working area.
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  11. Prevest MTA Plus Trial Pack 1gm
    Special Price ₹3,299.00 was ₹3,999.00
    • Cavity lining/base & Pulp-capping.
    • Pulpotomies & Obturation/Sealing.
    • Apexification & Root-end filling.
    • Perforation healing & Root resorption.
    • Finer powder for smoother, easier mixing, handling and placement.
    • Handy packaging-protects powder in desiccant-lined container.
    • Dispense powder as needed.
    • Optional gel for stability and washout resistance Non-cytotoxic & anti-microbial in vitro against common bacteria and E. Faecails
    • No special equipment or dispensing instruments needed.
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  12. Prevest Spectra Prophylaxis Paste 75gm
    Special Price ₹125.00 was ₹150.00
    • Polishing after scaling.
    • Removal of dental tartar.
    • Oil free formulation.
    • Fluoride release formula.
    • Splatter free paste.
    • Excellent stain removal and polishing.
    • Available in five different flavors with fine, medium & coarse grit.
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  13. Prevest Zinc F+ Zinc Phosphate Cement
    Special Price ₹310.00 was ₹390.00
    • Cementation of crowns & bridges, inlays and orthodontic brackets.
    • Cavity lining under all restorative materials.
    • Seals dentinal tubules and minimizes post-operative sensitivity.
    • Low film thickness.
    • High Compressive strength.
    • Radiopaque.
    • Neutralizes the harshness of phosphoric acid.
    • Apply directly to prepared dentinal tissue.
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  14. Prevest Fusion Ultra DC Dure Cure Resin Cement
    Special Price ₹1,150.00 was ₹1,500.00
    • Permanent cementation of crown, bridges and splints Permanent cementation of endodontic posts made of metal, reinforced composite.
    • Permanent cementation of implant retained crowns.
    • Dual curing-light and self curing (Initial set time 2 minutes, final set time 5 minutes).
    • Low film thickness - Low solubility in oral fluids.
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  15. Prevest Edta Solution 17%
    Special Price ₹155.00 was ₹200.00
    • Rapid root canal cleansing and shaping during instrumentation.
    • Helpful in opening calcified root canals.
    • 17% solution and neutral pH cleanses root canals rapidly.
    • Helpful in enlarging of canals.
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