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  1. Prevest Apacal ART Pulp Liner WIth Hydroxyapetite
    Special Price ₹1,075.00 was ₹1,350.00
    • Direct & indirect pulp capping.
    • Protective base/liner under composites, amalgams cements and other base materials.
    • Accelerated release of calcium ions.
    • Accelerated formation of dentine bridge.
    • Antibacterial.
    • Contains barium zirconate for better radioopacity and biocompatibility.
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  2. Prevest Fusion Self Etch Bond 7 Bonding Agent
    Special Price ₹775.00 was ₹900.00
    • As direct / indirect restorations with light cured composites.
    • Single step bonding agent for direct composite restorations.
    • Excellent adhesion to dentine and enamel.
    • Long lasting bonding strength.
    • Universal for all light curing restorations.
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  3. Prevest Micron Luting Cement Discontinued
    Special Price ₹599.00 was ₹675.00
    • Cementation of inlays, onlays and crowns.
    • Cementation of posts and screws.
    • Attachment of metal orthodontic bands.
    • High fluoride release.
    • Low solubility.
    • Translucent shade.
    • Very low film thickness.
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  4. Prevest Denpro Micron Superior Type 2 Glass Ionomer Cement Discontinued
    Special Price ₹599.00 was ₹1,050.00
    • Permanent class III, class V restorations and small class fillings Restoration of decidous teeth (especially class I).
    • Restoration of smaller lesions.
    • Primary teeth fillings.
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  5. Prevest Copal F Varnish
    Special Price ₹120.00 was ₹150.00
    • Ideal cavity liner and dentinal tubuli sealer.
    • Assures perfect protection to exposed dentine.
    • Intermediary varnish prior to insertion of amalgams, cements or composites.
    • Insulates exposed dentine.
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  6. Dental Teeth Whitening kit with 44% Carbamide Peroxide (Preorder)
    Special Price ₹1,199.00 was ₹1,999.00

    Whiten the following teeth stains :-

    • Coffee.
    • Tobacco.
    • Genetic.
    • Tetracycline.
    • Food Coloring.
    • Aging.
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  7. FGM Whiteness HP Maxx For Whitening One Patient Kit
    Special Price ₹2,099.00 was ₹2,999.00
    • Whiteness HP Maxx may be used on the whole arch or individual teeth.
    • Excellent viscosity.
    • Recommended for vital and non-vital teeth.
    • Neutral pH.
    • Faster.
    • More accuracy in minimizing the sensitivity of the treatment.
    • Improved cost-benefit ratio.
    • Selection of dyeing pigments which enables a broader spectrum of visible light.
    • The mixing system at the moment allows for accurate preparations preventing losses for excess or lack of material.
    • Sources of acceleration may be used or not.
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  8. Voco Perfect Bleach Bleaching kit With 16% carbamide peroxide
    Special Price ₹2,399.00 was ₹2,550.00
    • Gentle and permanent tooth whitening for vital and non-vital teeth e.g. in cases of staining due to medication, fluorosis, food, trauma, ageing etc.
    • 16 % carbamide peroxide for a fast whitening success.
    • With potassium and fluoride against hypersensitivity.
    • Also available as patientkit.
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  9. SDI Pola Office Plus Bleaching Kit
    Special Price ₹3,250.00 was ₹3,500.00
    • Pola Office contains potassium nitrate, a known desensitising agent. It acts on the nerve endings by blocking transmission of sensitive nerve impulses and providing a calming effect.
    • No light is required to accomplish effective results, however any heat emitting curing light will accelerate the bleaching process to achieve results in just 30 minutes.
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  10. SDI Pola Office Bleaching Kit One Patient
    Special Price ₹3,225.00 was ₹3,900.00
    • No bleaching light required.
    • No light is required to accomplish effective results, however any heat emitting curing light will accelerate the bleaching process to achieve results in just 30 minutes.
    • Flexible gingival barrier.
    • Pola Office’s flexible gingival barrier allows for a quick and clean removal.
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  11. Ammdent Ultra White Bleaching Kit 35 Percent
    Special Price ₹749.00 was ₹1,050.00
    • Carbamide Peroxide 35% for Office Bleach.
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  12. Philips Zoom Nite White Take Home Whitening Kit
    Special Price ₹4,699.00 was ₹5,200.00

    NiteWhite ACP is available in 22% Carbamide peroxide formulas, as well as a special, high-performance formula that whitens 6 shades in 3 nights. NiteWhite ACP offer wear protocols, for one hour a day, to meet the special needs of individual patients.

    NiteWhite ACP whitens, rebuilds enamel and works in 3-nights, all with dramatically reduced sensitivity.

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  13. Prevest BioEnamel Remineralizing Gel
    Special Price ₹799.00 was ₹1,000.00
    • Reduce post whitening sensitivity after oral prophylaxis.
    • Reduce sensitivity caused due to non - carious lesions.
    • Remineralization of de-mineralized tooth structure.
    • Post whitening sensitivity.
    • Sensitivity caused due to non - carious lesions and sensitivity after oral prophylaxis.
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  14. Prevest Reveal Caries Indicator Dye
    Special Price ₹115.00 was ₹150.00
    • Dark green color dye provides strong contrast with both dentine and the pulp.
    • Stains outer infected dentine only.
    • Does not stain uninfected (affected) dentine.
    • Detects caries in difficult to see places.
    • Popylene glycol base formulation more accurate than water based formula.
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  15. Prevest Fusion Nano Coat Protective Coating For GIC & Composites
    Special Price ₹600.00 was ₹750.00
    • Protects glass ionomer fillings from drying during the first hour after placement.
    • Increase wear resistance of restoration.
    • Gloossy surface for composite resins.
    • Greatly enhances the esthetics of restorations.
    • Provides improved stain resistance.
    • Superior bond durability for long lasting gloss.
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