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  1. Ivoclar Tetric N Bond Universal Bonding Agent 3gm
    Special Price ₹1,545.00 was ₹2,500.00
    • Direct-placed light-curing composite and compomer restorations.
    • Direct-placed core build-ups with light-, self- and dual-curing composites.
    • Repair of fractured composite and compomer restorations.
    • Adhesive cementation of indirect restorations with light- and dual-curing luting composites.
    • Sealing of prepared tooth surfaces before temporary/permanent cementation of indirect resto-rations.
    • Desensitization of hypersensitive cervical areas.
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  2. 3M ESPE Adper Easy Bond Self-Etch Adhesive
    Special Price ₹2,450.00 was ₹2,900.00
    • All classes of fillings with light-curing composite or compomer.
    • Core build-ups made of light-curing composite.
    • Repair of composite or compomer fillings.
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  3. Dengen Dental Denbond Se 7th Generation Bonding Agent
    Special Price ₹576.00 was ₹999.00
    • Light cured composites
    • Self-etch
    • Bonding agent
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  4. 3M ESPE Adper Single Bond 2 Bonding Agent
    Special Price ₹2,375.00 was ₹2,700.00
    • A fast, easy and convenient total-etch, single-component bonding agent offering exceptional bond strength.
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  5. Sun Medical Super Bond Brush Dip Starter Kit
    Special Price ₹5,699.00 was ₹7,500.00
    • Excellent bond strength to tooth structure (enamel and dentin), metal, porcelain and dental resins.
    • Universal dental applications.
    • Pulpal safety.
    • Formulation of a hybrid layer (resin impregnated layer) in both enamel and dentin. This layer reinforces the tooth surface against recurrent caries and prevents the post-operative hypersensitivity.
    • Super-Bond C&B Quick Monomer is a monomer with curing time faster than Super-Bond C&B Monomer.
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  6. GC G Premio Bond
    Special Price ₹4,399.00 was ₹4,500.00
    • Low pH (1.5) provides effective and consistent bonding.
    • Use in all total-etch, self-etch and selective etch bonding techniques.
    • Low film thickness (3 microns) enables use with resin cements to bond indirect restorations.
    • Universal (8th generation) bonding agent for use in direct and indirect procedures and treatment of hypersensitivity.
    • Up to 5 minutes working time.
    • Consistent bond strength with easy application.
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  7. Prime Dent Bonding Agent
    Special Price ₹999.00 was ₹1,100.00
    • A 5th generation, single component, multi-use adhesive, which is hydrophilic and suitable for use on moist dentin (wet bonding technique).
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  8. GC Fuji Bond LC Standard Package
    Special Price ₹5,225.00 was ₹6,666.00

    Can be used with all VLC composites.

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  9. Kerr Optibond S Bonding Agent
    Special Price ₹1,445.00 was ₹1,850.00
    • OptiBond™ S is a single-component adhesive designed for both direct and indirect bonding applications.
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  10. Shofu Beautibond Bonding Agent
    Special Price ₹2,699.00 was ₹4,000.00

    An innovative self-etching HEMA-Free “All-in-One” 7th Generation bonding system designed to provide a stable and durable bond with both enamel and dentin for a wide range of anterior and posterior restorations.

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  11. Angelus Silano Silane Coupling Agent
    Special Price ₹1,120.00 was ₹1,500.00
    • Pre activated. 
    • solvent based on ethanol. 
    • Better adhesion.
    • Esasy to use. 
    • Less evaporation. 
    • Enhances bonding of resin materials (resin and cements) to porcelain (ceramic) and glass fiber.
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  12. GC Equia Forte Coat For GIC
    Special Price ₹3,885.00 was ₹4,000.00
    • EQUIA Forte™ Coat is a clear, highly wear resistant, self-adhesive light-cured resin coating which laminates EQUIA Forte™ Fil to toughen, polish and protect.
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  13. Dentsply Prime and Bond UNIVERSAL (4 ml)
    Special Price ₹2,999.00 was ₹3,250.00

    Universal Adhesive Prime&Bond active introduces the new, patented Active-Guard Technology. Our formulation provides well balanced hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties to ensure complete coverage and penetration at varying moisture levels.

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  14. Ivoclar Vivadent ExciTE F DSC 0.1g Bonding Agent
    Special Price ₹5,590.00 was ₹6,666.00
    • Simple, one-step system due to the patented, initiator-coated applicator brush.
    • No light-curing required if a dual or self-curing composite restorative or luting composite is used.
    • ExciTE F DSC is based on ExciTE F and thus offers the same proven physical properties.
    • Fluoride release.
    • Hygienic Single Dose vessels with applicators in two different sizes: Regular for normal preparations, Small/Endo for micro-cavities and root canals.
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  15. Prime Dent Bonding Agent 7th Generation
    Special Price ₹899.00 was ₹1,250.00
    • A 5th generation, single component, multi-use adhesive, which is hydrophilic and suitable for use on moist dentin (wet bonding technique).
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  16. Prevest Fusion Bond 5 Total Etch Bonding Agent Intro Pack
    Special Price ₹675.00 was ₹780.00
    • Adhesion of the composite resin for direct restoration.
    • Simple to use one step bonding material.
    • Excellent adhesion to dentin and enamel.
    • Long lasting bonding strength.
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