Buy Dental Cement of Various Brands: Ketac, Multilink, Kerr, 3M ESPE, GC, Shofu, Ivoclar Vivadent, Dentsply

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  1. Voco Meron Glass ionomer luting cement
    Special Price ₹2,499.00 was ₹3,650.00
    • Luting of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, pins, posts and orthodontic bands.
    • Low solubility in the mouth.
    • Low acidity.
    • Biocompatible.
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  2. Ivoclar Vivaglass CEM PL Glass Ionomer Luting Cement
    Special Price ₹2,545.00 was ₹3,250.00
    • Inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges made of metal.
    • Crowns and bridges made of high-strength ceramics.
    • Metal posts as well as indirect metal post and core complexes.
    • Orthodontic bands.
    • Ready-made steel crowns.
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  3. 3M ESPE Vitrebond Light Cure Glass Ionomer Cement
    Special Price ₹3,599.00 was ₹4,250.00
    • A light-cure glass ionomer liner/base that combines light-cure convenience with true glass ionomer fluoride release and bond strength.
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  4. Prevest Fusion I Seal Light Cure GIC
    Special Price ₹925.00 was ₹1,200.00
    • Fusion I-Seal is a light cured glass ionomer cement for lining, extended fissure sealing and smaller lesions.
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  5. Shofu Glasionomer Cement Version 2 GIC
    Special Price ₹1,975.00 was ₹2,400.00
    • A new enhanced anterior restorative cement specially designed for Class III, Class V, Cervical Erosion / Abrasion and Pedodontic restorations.
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  6. Dentsply Sirona ChemFil Superior Fast Setting GIC
    Special Price ₹1,199.00 was ₹2,800.00
    • Dentsply ChemFil Superior is a fast-setting glass-ionomer restorative material consisting of a blend of alumino silicate glass and polyacrylic acid.
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  7. Dengen Dental Dengocem 1 Luting Cement
    Special Price ₹499.00 was ₹750.00
    • Cementation of inlays, onlays and crowns.
    • Cementation of posts and screws.
    • Attachment of metal orthodontic bands.
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  8. Prevest Denpro Micron Superior Type 2 Glass Ionomer Cement
    Special Price ₹599.00 was ₹1,050.00
    • Permanent class III, class V restorations and small class fillings Restoration of decidous teeth (especially class I).
    • Restoration of smaller lesions.
    • Primary teeth fillings.
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  9. GC Miracle Mix Kit Glass Ionomer Cement
    Special Price ₹4,199.00 was ₹5,500.00
    • Strong direct bond – No undercuts, fewer pins,Will not chip or flake when trimmed or cut.
    • Simple technique – 4 minutes set to finish.
    • High fluoride release – Reduces secondary decay.
    • Will not stain or discolor surrounding teeth.
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  10. Shivam Type 2 Glass Ionomer Cement
    Special Price ₹450.00 was ₹650.00
    • Glass Ionomer Type II is restorative self cured suitable for permanent dental filling.
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  11. 3M ESPE Relyx Luting 2 Luting Cement Refill Packs
    • RelyX Luting 2 by 3M is an advanced, self-curing, radiopaque, fluoride releasing resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement.
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  12. 3M ESPE RelyX U200 Self Adhesive Resin Cement
    Special Price ₹6,199.00 was ₹7,999.00
    • Comfortable and easy delivery
    • Simple and time-saving one-step solution
    • High-performing self-adhesive resin cement
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  13. GC Fuji 2 LC Capsules A2 Light Cure GIC
    Special Price ₹7,899.00 was ₹8,000.00
    • The first light-cured glass ionomer filling restorative in capsule enhances properties of genuine glass ionomers in strength, aesthetics and handling.
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  14. Bisco TheraCem Self-Adhesive Resin Cement
    Special Price ₹5,799.00 was ₹5,900.00
    • Continuous calcium and fluoride release1
    • Transitions from acidic to alkaline pH in minutes2
    • Specially formulated to allow for quick and easy clean-up
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  15. Prevest OraTemp NE Non Eugenol Temporary Cement
    Special Price ₹625.00 was ₹850.00
    • Cementation of crowns, bridges and splints.
    • Retentions of temporary crowns and bridges.
    • Trial cementation of permanent restorations prior to final insertion.
    • Excellent physical properties.
    • Easy to mix - easy to clean.
    • Low solubility in oral fluids.
    • Increased patient comfort.
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  16. Ivoclar Multilink N System Pack Resin Cement
    Special Price ₹7,499.00 was ₹8,999.00
    • The universal luting composite system Multilink N is suitable for the adhesive cementation of metal, metall-ceramic, all-ceramic and composite resing restorations.
    • The luting composite and self-etch adhesive (Multilink N Primer) of the Multilink N-System are specially co-ordinated.
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