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  1. Kerr TempBond NE Temporary Cement
    Special Price ₹1,775.00 was ₹2,111.00
    • Eugenol free.
    • High bond strength.
    • The optimal option for patients allergic to eugenol.
    • Delivers optimal consistency for solid, complete restoration seatings.
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  2. Ammdent TempTing Non Eugenol Temporary Luting Material
    Special Price ₹645.00 was ₹751.00
    • Ammdent Tempting is a Non -Eugenol Hydraulic Temporary Luting Material
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  3. Meta Biomed NETC Non Eugenol Temporary Cement
    Special Price ₹850.00 was ₹999.00
    • Temporary Cementation of crown&bridges
    • Base-Zinc Oxide.
    • Catalyst-Rosin, Nonanoic acid.
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  4. 3M ESPE Relyx Temp NE Non Eugenol Temporary Cement
    Special Price ₹1,840.00 was ₹2,163.00
    • RelyX™ Temp NE is Eugenol-free, therefore universally applicable, independent on whether subsequent cementations are performed conventionally or adhesively.
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  5. Prevest Zinconol Zinc Oxide Eugenol IRM Material
    Special Price ₹190.00 was ₹250.00
    • As a base under amalgam and non resin restorations.
    • Temporary restoration in emergency treatments.
    • Sealing coronal portion of teeth under endodontic treatment.
    • Excellent physical properties due to added unique polymer reinforcing agents.
    • High compressive strength-High tensile strength.
    • Low film thickness, low solubility and excellent abrasion resistance.
    • High strength comparable to zinc phosphate cement.
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  6. Prevest Zinc Oxide Powder
    Special Price ₹92.00 was ₹120.00
    • Extra fine.
    • Arsenic free.
    • Makes a smooth paste with eugenol.
    • Provides sufficient compressive strength.
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  7. Dpi Kalzinol Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement
    Special Price ₹202.00 was ₹280.00

    A rapid setting radiopaque Zinc Oxide / Eugenol resin bonded material is used for lining under non-resin filling materials and also used as a temporary filling material and cement.

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  8. Dentsply IRM Intermediate Restorative Material
    Special Price ₹2,388.00 was ₹2,677.00
    • IRM® is a reinforced zinc oxide-eugenol composition for intermediate restorations lasting up to one year
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  9. Pyrax Cavibond Resin Based Zoe Cement
    Special Price ₹250.00 was ₹325.00
    • Cavibond is a polymer reinforced Zinc oxide €"Eugenol cement for temporary restorations.
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  10. GC Freegenol Non Eugenol Cement
    Special Price ₹2,275.00 was ₹2,450.00
    • Eugenol free.
    • No negative effect on polymerisation of resin containing materials.
    • Short setting time.
    • Consistency can be adjusted.
    • Easy to remove from crowns and cores.
    • Special cleaner included.
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  11. Nexobio T Cem Implant Temporary Cement For Implant
    Special Price ₹1,699.00 was ₹1,900.00
    • T Cem implant is designed specifically for implant-retained crowns and is suitable for temporary cementation of provisional restorations
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  12. Prevest OraTemp NE Non Eugenol Temporary Cement
    Special Price ₹625.00 was ₹850.00
    • Cementation of crowns, bridges and splints.
    • Retentions of temporary crowns and bridges.
    • Trial cementation of permanent restorations prior to final insertion.
    • Excellent physical properties.
    • Easy to mix - easy to clean.
    • Low solubility in oral fluids.
    • Increased patient comfort.
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  13. Shofu Hybond Temporary Cement (Soft) Non Eugenol Cement
    Special Price ₹2,999.00 was ₹3,899.00
    • Easy to mix, manipulate and apply.
    • Fast setting and easy to clean up.
    • Minimum odour and taste.
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  14. Prevest Eugenol 15 ml
    Special Price ₹140.00 was ₹150.00
    • Used for temporary dressing.
    • Mixed with eugenol and is used as a temporary cement. Eugenol Oil is used for temporary relief of localized dental pain.
    • Ideal cavity liner under most restorative materials.
    • Chemically pure Eugenol Oil with increased effectiveness.
    • Arsenic free. 
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  15. Ammdent Zinogen Quick Setting ZOE Cement
    Special Price ₹225.00 was ₹250.00
    • Ammdent Zinogen Quick Setting ZOE Cement
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  16. Itena Dentotemp - Long Term Temporary Cement
    Special Price ₹3,599.00 was ₹3,900.00
    • No eugenol - No interferences with permanent cements
    • High bonding strength, but with an easy removal
    • Leaves perfectly healthy gingiva after removal of the temporary crown
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