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  1. Prevest Fusion Ultra DC Dure Cure Resin Cement
    Special Price ₹1,149.00 was ₹1,500.00
    • Permanent cementation of crown, bridges and splints Permanent cementation of endodontic posts made of metal, reinforced composite.
    • Permanent cementation of implant retained crowns.
    • Dual curing-light and self curing (Initial set time 2 minutes, final set time 5 minutes).
    • Low film thickness - Low solubility in oral fluids.
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  2. Ivoclar Speed CEM Plus Resin Cement
    Special Price ₹6,199.00 was ₹8,988.00
    • Excellent self-cure performance ideal for zirconia and metal-ceramics
    • User-friendly handlingEfficient process with just one component
      • Easy clean-up
      • High Radiopacity
      • Tolerant processing
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  3. Itena Totalcem Resin Cement
    Special Price ₹2,750.00 was ₹3,500.00
    • For cementation of: crowns bridges posts inlays & onlays , Self-adhesive on: enamel, dentine, metal ceramic, porcelain, zirconium composites
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  4. Sun Medical Secure Starter Kit Resin Cement
    Special Price ₹4,999.00 was ₹5,800.00
    • Incredible sealability
      New SEcure’s 4-META adhesion brings you incredible sealability, to protect the tooth from marginal leakage, and sensitivity.
    • Exceptional bond strength
      SEcure shows significantly higher bond strength to tooth structure than most other simplified adhesives. 
    • Extremely easy to use
      Apply SEcure Primer onto the cut enamel and dentin. Keep it wet for 10-20 sec., and gently air blow the surface to dry it. Then, dispense SEcure cement directly from the auto-mix tip into the restoration and seat it. That’s all there is to it. 
    • Dual-curable
      SEcure is dual-cure cement, so it’
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  5. Ivoclar Vivadent Monobond N Primer 5gm
    Special Price ₹4,099.00 was ₹7,044.00
    • Suitable for all types of indirect restoration materials (glass and oxide ceramics, metal, composites, fibre-reinforced composite).
    • Universal reaction time of 60 seconds.
    • Easy storage (refrigerated storage is unnecessary).
    • Universal, single-component bonding agent for all indirect restorative materials (glass and oxide ceramics, metal, composite, fibre-reinforced composite).
    • It generates a sound bond between the restoration and the cementation material.
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  6. Biodinamica Master Dual Cure Resin Cement
    Special Price ₹2,799.00 was ₹3,500.00

    It was developed in a way to present high adhesive strength, high flexural strength and high degree of conversion in photopolymerization. It has great ease of application due to the presentation of the two components in a double body syringe, guaranteeing the application in the proper proportions and the homogeneity of the pastes, preventing the incorporation of bubbles in the product.
    It has economic tip.

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  7. Ivoclar Vivadent Ivoclean Universal Cleaning Paste For Veneer ,Zirconia
    Special Price ₹2,699.00 was ₹3,290.00
    • Effective cleaning.
    • Universal – for all restorative materials.
    • Easy-to-use application.
    • Extraoral cleaning of pre-treated ceramic and metal restoration surfaces which have been contaminated during intraoral try-in.
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  8. SDI Riva Cem Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Luting RMGI Cement
    Special Price ₹2,444.00 was ₹2,999.00
    • Cemento definitivo a base de ionómero de vidrio y resina modificada.
    • Libera de flúor sostenida. 
    • Radiopaco.
    • Para cementación de metal, porcelana. Incrustaciones coronarias, extracoronarias, postes, etc. 
    • Alta resistencia de la adhesión.
    • Restauraciones duraderas.
    • Excelente adhesión al titanio y zirconia.
    • Tiempo de manipulación: 1min 45s.
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  9. Ivoclar Multilink N Refills Transparent
    Special Price ₹4,020.00 was ₹6,078.00
    • The universal luting composite system Multilink N is suitable for the adhesive cementation of metal, metall-ceramic, all-ceramic and composite resing restorations.
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  10. Kerr Nexus RMGI Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement
    Special Price ₹1,750.00 was ₹1,850.00
      • Only kerr nexus rmgi combines one-peel cleanup, tack cure capability, and outstanding bond strength for consistent, predictable outcomes.
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  11. Dentsply Calibra Universal Self Adhesive Resin Cement Translucent 4.5 Gm 2/Pk
    Special Price ₹6,299.00 was ₹6,999.00
    • Wide gel phase tack cure window of up to 10 seconds*
    • Extended gel phase cleanup*
    • High bond strength after 6 minute cementation step
    • High bonding and mechanical strengths
    • Low Film Thickness
    • Shade Stable Chemistry
    • Excellent Radiopacity
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  12. 3M ESPE RelyX U200 Self Adhesive Resin Cement
    Special Price ₹6,725.00 was ₹7,999.00
    • Comfortable and easy delivery
    • Simple and time-saving one-step solution
    • High-performing self-adhesive resin cement
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  13. Bisco TheraCem Self-Adhesive Resin Cement
    Special Price ₹5,799.00 was ₹5,900.00
    • Continuous calcium and fluoride release1
    • Transitions from acidic to alkaline pH in minutes2
    • Specially formulated to allow for quick and easy clean-up
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  14. Dentsply Calibra Esthetic Resin Cement Trial Kit
    Special Price ₹3,677.00 was ₹3,999.00
    • Calibra Esthetic Resin Cement is a visible light-cured, dual-cured or self-cured high strength resin cement compatible with dentin/enamel adhesive systems including Prime&Bond NT and XP BOND.
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  15. Prime Dent Automix Dual Cure Resin Cement A2
    Special Price ₹1,899.00 was ₹2,500.00
    • A unique auto-mix system, dual cure, filled multipurpose permanent cement. The cement is for use in final cementations:
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  16. Ivoclar Multilink N System Pack Resin Cement
    Special Price ₹7,899.00 was ₹8,999.00
    • The universal luting composite system Multilink N is suitable for the adhesive cementation of metal, metall-ceramic, all-ceramic and composite resing restorations.
    • The luting composite and self-etch adhesive (Multilink N Primer) of the Multilink N-System are specially co-ordinated.
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