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  1. GDC Mouth Prop With Chain Set Of 3 Pcs
    Special Price ₹1,499.00 was ₹1,655.00
    • GDC Mouth Prop Set Of 3 Pcs
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  2. DTech Agate Spatula Plastic Spatula Pack of 10
    Special Price ₹99.00 was ₹250.00
    • This is also used to mix dental cement but it is made out of plastic, as there are cements which react with the metal of the steel spatula, mailny this spatula is used to mix GIC ( glass inomer cement).
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  3. Safety Face Shield 5PC
    Special Price ₹650.00 was ₹899.00

    Premium Face Shield Provides a full facial protection (nose, mouth, eyes) and an excellent optical view.

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  4. Chip Blower WIth Nozzle
    Special Price ₹30.00 was ₹45.00
    • An instrument for blowing the debris out of, or drying, a tooth cavity that is being excavated for a filling; it consists of a rubber bulb with a metal nozzle.
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  5. Rubber Bite Blocks
    Special Price ₹375.00 was ₹399.00
    • LD Rubber Bite Blocks - LD-023
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  6. GDC Cotton Holder (ACH)
    Special Price ₹999.00 was ₹1,222.00
    • Cotton Holder to Hold Cotton In Chair side.
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  7. Capri Glove Dispenser
    Special Price ₹399.00 was ₹566.00
    • Plastic dispenser, attaches to wall with screw / adhesive tape. Dispenses one glove at a time.
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  8. Indian Agate Spatula
    Special Price ₹16.00 was ₹30.00
    Spatula for mixing glass ionomer cement
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  9. Ashoosons Api Spirit Lamp
    Special Price ₹432.00 was ₹444.00
    • Ashoosons Api Spirit Lamp.
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  10. Capri Tongue Guard Protector
    Special Price ₹199.00 was ₹200.00

    Protects tongue from accidental injury.

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  11. Zhermack Alginate Measuring Scoop & Cylinder
    Special Price ₹125.00 was ₹222.00
    • ZHERMACK Alginate Measuring Scoop & Cylinder.
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  12. Ultradent Propgard Kit Mouth Props
    • PropGard’s contamination from tongue and mouth closur is prevented by its wedge design and the tongue is also prevented from the handpiece.
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  13. LD Disposable PMT Set 5 / Pk LD-177
    Special Price ₹75.00 was ₹100.00
    • LD Disposable PMT Set 5 / Pk LD-177
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  14. Ivoclar Vivadent OptraGate Promo Pack For Isolation
    • Lips and cheeks are evenly retracted around the mouth.
    • Easily accessible, manageable treatment field.
    • Effective and quick relative isolation.
    • Relaxed and more efficient treatment procedure.
    • Easy placement.
    • Increased concentration on the actual treatment procedure.
    • Relieves the work of the dental assistant and dentist.
    • High patient comfort of wear.
    • 3-dimensional flexibility for a very good positioning .
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  15. Euronda Monoart Plastic Cup Dispenser
    Special Price ₹399.00 was ₹455.00
    • Colour and comfort next to you ! Wall mounted handy dispenser for Monoart® plastic cups
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  16. Dental Silicone Mouth Prop BIte Block 3 Size Set Latex Free
    Special Price ₹299.00 was ₹350.00
    • Comfortable and flexible plastic.
    • Resistant to high temperature 121C.
    • Idea for opening the upper and low arch, convenient for operating.
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