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  1. Biodinamica GHF Dentin Desensitizer
    Special Price ₹1,525.00 was ₹1,900.00
    • G.H.F. Desensitizer is specially indicated for the treatment of hyperesthetic dentin because it recover and obliterate the dentin tubules, forming a barrier that inhibits the painful stimulus to pulp.
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  2. Tokuyama Shield Force Plus Dentin Densensitizer
    Special Price ₹2,775.00 was ₹3,500.00
    • TOKUYAMA® SHIELD FORCE PLUS is a one-component, single application, light-cured protective sealant designed for the treatment of hypersensitive dentin
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  3. Dengen Dental Dentin Desensitizer
    Special Price ₹599.00 was ₹950.00

    Dengen Dentin Desensitizer is a highly effective, one step, chair-side treatment for dentinal
    hypersensitivity caused due to cervical erosions and exposed roots. It acts very fast to seal
    dentinal tubules.

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  4. Ivoclar Fluor Protector Gel Protective Varnish 50gm
    Special Price ₹1,299.00 was ₹1,444.00
    • Fluoride concentration of 0.1%.
    • Improved treatment of hard-to-reach problem areas.
    • Clear, colourless, fast-drying varnish.
    • Targeted professional application.
    • Early prevention measure.
    • Highly esthetic results.
    • Hypersensitivity: Defence against external stimuli in exposed cervicals.
    • Superior protection against caries and erosion.
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  5. Ivoclar Systemp Desensitizer 5gm
    Special Price ₹5,099.00 was ₹6,000.00
    • Reduction of sensitivity
    • Short application time: Brushing for only 10 seconds is all it takes to apply the material; light-curing is unnecessary.
    • Broad range of indications
    • No interaction with other treatment materials
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  6. Prevest BioEnamel Remineralizing Gel
    Special Price ₹799.00 was ₹1,000.00
    • Reduce post whitening sensitivity after oral prophylaxis.
    • Reduce sensitivity caused due to non - carious lesions.
    • Remineralization of de-mineralized tooth structure.
    • Post whitening sensitivity.
    • Sensitivity caused due to non - carious lesions and sensitivity after oral prophylaxis.
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  7. Prevest Fluorodip Bioactive Varnish For Desensitizing And Re-Mineralization
    Special Price ₹1,999.00 was ₹2,500.00

    Fluorodip Bioactive Varnish is Sodium Fluoride Containing dental desensitizing varnish fortified with bio-glass for enhanced remineralization of enamal and dentine. Fluorodip Varnish is an alcohalic suspension of sodium fluoride and bio-glass in natural shellac with artificial flavouring.

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  8. Biodinamica Biophat Fluoride Varnish
    Special Price ₹1,650.00 was ₹1,999.00
    • Contains 2 fluoride sources: quick action: sodium fluoride and late action: calcium fluoride;
    • Highly adhesive to the enamel surface, allowing a higher time of permanence in the mouth;
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  9. Ultradent UltraEz - Desensitizing Gel Desensitizer
    Special Price ₹599.00 was ₹777.00

    UltraEZ has a continuous release formula that eliminates sensitivity caused by tooth abrasion, thermal or chemical changes, tooth whitening and root exposure.

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  10. Heraeus Gluma Desensitizer
    Special Price ₹3,199.00 was ₹3,766.00
    • For over 20 years, one drop of GLUMA has been sufficient to reduce and prevent hypersensitivity. 
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  11. Prevest Shield Activ Dentin Desensitizer
    Special Price ₹299.00 was ₹450.00

    One step single solution desensitizer which provides quick and easy chair-side solutions to sensitivity caused by open tubules, bacteria, and microleakage.

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  12. Prevest Copal F Varnish
    Special Price ₹120.00 was ₹150.00
    • Ideal cavity liner and dentinal tubuli sealer.
    • Assures perfect protection to exposed dentine.
    • Intermediary varnish prior to insertion of amalgams, cements or composites.
    • Insulates exposed dentine.
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  13. Septodont Isodan Desensitizer
    Special Price ₹2,250.00 was ₹2,400.00
    • Clinically proven, long term relief for patient.
    • Forms a barrier within the dentine tubules and prevents movement of the intratubular fluid.
    • Contains sodium fluoride which reinforces enamel/dentine barrier.
    • With HEMA acting as a wetting agent, which contributes to homogeneous diffusion of Isodan.
    • Can be used under restorations.
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