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  1. Shofu Super Snap Mini Kit 48 Disk CA
    Special Price ₹1,399.00 was ₹1,999.00

    A comprehensive disposable disk system for fast, efficient, safe finishing and polishing of all direct aesthetic restorative materials.

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  2. Dengen Prophy Polishing Brush Pack of 100
    Special Price ₹1,499.00 was ₹1,600.00
    • Polishing Brushes.
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  3. Dentsply Enhance Finishing & Polishing Refills-Discs
    Special Price ₹2,890.00 was ₹3,360.00
    • Enhance® Finishers are available in 3 shapes to handle a variety of clinical applications
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  4. Ivoclar Vivadent Astropol Polishing System
    Special Price ₹7,690.00 was ₹7,888.00
    • The Astropol polishing system is especially designed for the finishing, polishing and high-gloss polishing of composite and ceromer materials.
    • Astropol is a comprehensive finishing and polishing set that embraces three grit sizes and four differently shaped polishers for interdental and occlusal applications:
    1. Small Flame
    2. Large Flame
    3. Cup
    4. Disc
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  5. Ivoclar Optrafine Promo Pack
    Special Price ₹5,740.00 was ₹6,766.00
    • The dimensionally stable silicone polishers for finishing and polishing restorations are available in “flame”, “cup” and “disc” shapes.
    • Final high-gloss polishing is carried out in conjunction with diamond paste and a nylon brush.
    • Low surface roughness thanks to a high diamond concentration.
    • Excellent high gloss thanks to a polishing paste with diamond particles.
    • Reusable.
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  6. Oro Prophy Cups For Polishing
    Special Price ₹1,499.00 was ₹1,700.00
    • Eliminate splatter of prophy paste, blood and saliva.
    • Disposable, Latex free, vibration free.
    • All screw-type cups work with ORO handpieces.
    • Latch style flat prophy cup.
    • Material: Silicone for white color, TPE for Blue, Green.
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  7. Voco Clean Joy Tube Tooth cleaning and polishing paste
    Special Price ₹2,075.00 was ₹2,500.00
    • Stable, homogeneous consistency.
    • No splashing (2,000 – 3,000 r/min).
    • Available in three abrasion grades – can be individually adjusted to each situation.
    • Traffic light coding: simple to use without confusion.
    • Can be used with any instrument (small brush, cup, etc.).
    • Contains fluoride (700 ppm).
    • Contains xylitol (inhibiting effect on the metabolism of bacteria).
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  8. Prevest Platina Hi Gloss Composite Polishing Paste
    Special Price ₹425.00 was ₹475.00
    • Final polishing of composite restorations or veneers.
    • Non splatter-non drying formula.
    • Spearmint flavored.
    • With potassium nitrate topical desensitizer.
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  9. Shofu Crown & Bridge Preparation Kit
    Special Price ₹3,925.00 was ₹5,000.00
    • The Crown & Bridge Preparation kit is designed to offer speedy, simple and accurate tooth preparation for a wide range of crown and bridge restorations, veneers and onlays
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  10. Shofu Direct Dia Diamond Polishing Paste
    Special Price ₹2,099.00 was ₹2,655.00

    • Made of micro-fine diamond particles (2-4 μ in size) in a light green smooth paste with

    palatable lime flavour for superior handling and maximum patient comfort.

    • Long shelf life of 2-3 years

    • Recommended for use with Super-Snap Buff Disk.

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