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  1. Prevest MTA Plus Trial Pack 1gm
    Special Price ₹2,999.00 was ₹3,999.00
    • Cavity lining/base & Pulp-capping.
    • Pulpotomies & Obturation/Sealing.
    • Apexification & Root-end filling.
    • Perforation healing & Root resorption.
    • Finer powder for smoother, easier mixing, handling and placement.
    • Handy packaging-protects powder in desiccant-lined container.
    • Dispense powder as needed.
    • Optional gel for stability and washout resistance Non-cytotoxic & anti-microbial in vitro against common bacteria and E. Faecails
    • No special equipment or dispensing instruments needed.
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  2. Anabond Yuseal Pit & Fissure Sealant
    Special Price ₹730.00 was ₹750.00
    • Anabond-Stedman Yuseal Pit & Fissure Sealant
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  3. 3M ESPE SS Crown Primary Molar - Intro Kit ND96
    Special Price ₹22,250.00 was ₹25,000.00
    • 3M™ ESPE™ offers a full line of prefabricated stainless steel crowns. They are a proven method of single-unit temporisation for both short- and long-term coverage.
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  4. Ultradent Ultraseal Xt Hydro Refill Pit & Fissure Sealant
    Special Price ₹1,899.00 was ₹1,950.00
    • Hydrophilic chemistry
    • Advanced adhesive technology
    • Fluorescent properties
    • Highly filled resin
    • Two shades: Opaque White and Natural
    • Thixotropic/ideal viscosity
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  5. 3M Clinpro Tooth Creme Anti Cavity Toothpaste
    Special Price ₹850.00 was ₹1,400.00
    • Clinpro™ Tooth Crème 0.21% w/w Sodium Fluoride Anti-Cavity Toothpaste is an advanced formula containing an innovative tri-calcium phosphate ingredient and is available exclusively from 3M ESPE.
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  6. Esdf Silver Diamine Fluoride 38%
    Special Price ₹2,099.00 was ₹2,500.00

    • High caries-risk patients with anterior or posterior active cavitated lesions
    • havioral or medical management challenges
    • Patients with multiple cavitated caries lesions that may not all be treated in one visit
    • Difficult to treat cavitated dental caries lesions
    • Patients without access to or with difficulty accessing dental care
    • Active cavitated caries lesions with no clinical signs of pulp involvement.
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  7. Ivoclar Helioseal F Pit & Fissure Sealant
    Special Price ₹1,125.00 was ₹1,250.00
    • Helioseal F is a light-curing, white-shaded fissure sealant featuring fluoride release.
    • Fluoride is known to: increase enamel resistance via the promotion of remineralisation and inhibition of demineralisation; reduce plaque growth and plaque activity; have a bacteriotoxic effect.
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  8. Fagamin Silver Diamine Fluoride 38% Caries Protecting Solution
    Special Price ₹2,250.00 was ₹3,433.00
    • Silver Diamine Fluoride 38% Caries Protecting Solution Caries Remover fagmin
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  9. Prevest PF Seal Pit And Fissure Sealant
    Special Price ₹625.00 was ₹850.00
    • Sealing/Filling of the pit and fissure.
    • Filling of the small caries.
    • Filling of the deciduous teeth.
    • New resin formula for strong & long lasting sealant.
    • Contains Amorphous Calcium Phospate (ACP).
    • Convenient flow through tips.
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  10. SDI Conseal F Fissure Sealant
    Special Price ₹575.00 was ₹600.00
    • Clean and isolate tooth.
    • Etch tooth surface with Super Etch LV for at least 30 seconds, no more than 60 seconds.
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  11. Neoendo Pedoflex Pedo Rotary Files
    Special Price ₹1,299.00 was ₹1,444.00
  12. 3M ESPE Clinpro Pit & Fissure Sealant
    Special Price ₹1,650.00 was ₹2,070.00
    • 3M™ ESPE™ Clinpro™ Sealant is a light-cure, low viscosity, fluoride releasing pit and fissure sealant with a unique patented colour change feature.
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  13. Denu Seal Dental Light Curing fissure Sealant - 2 syringes
    Special Price ₹699.00 was ₹999.00


    • High quality water soluble gel with optimum nano filter.
    • Excellent release for usability, sealing ability.
    • Great adhesion and no falling down.
    • Low polymerization contraction ratio and strong abrasion resistance.
    • Fluoride release effect.
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  14. Itena Prevent Seal Pit & Fissure Sealant
    Special Price ₹1,750.00 was ₹2,599.00
    • Use of the self-etching technique for the preventive sealing of pits of permanent teeth in patients presenting a raised risk of developing cavities.
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  15. Biodinamica Cariestop Caries Remover Silver Diamine Fluoride
    Special Price ₹2,050.00 was ₹2,999.00
    • Silver Fluoride solution 12% and 30% in amoniacal environment performance the strength of the enamel structure by forming CaF (Calcium Fluoride) and Ag3PO4 (Silver Phosphate), through its reaction with dental structure
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  16. GC Tooth Mousse Plus Random Flavour
    Special Price ₹899.00 was ₹1,222.00
    • Use Tooth Mousse Plus.
    • To provide extra protection for teeth.
    • After tooth whitening.
    • For desensitizing.
    • During and/or after orthodontics.
    • For medically compromised patients.
    • For salivary deficiency; dry mouth.
    • For patients with acidic, oral environments
    • For erosion and gastric reflex.
    • For patients with poor plaque control.
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