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  1. Coltene Roeko Cord Packer
    Special Price ₹2,399.00 was ₹2,470.00
    • Coltene Cord Packer is a double ended, stainless steel instruments facilitate placing of retraction cord around the tooth.
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  2. BPS Denture Centric Relation Tray Set Advance Booking
    Special Price ₹2,499.00 was ₹3,000.00
    • Centric Tray Set Dental Impression Trays BPS Denture Repair Occlusal Record
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    Special Price ₹4,455.00 was ₹4,760.00

    Visco-gel Tissue Conditioner and Temporary Soft Liner, 

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  4. Bisco Core Flo DC Lite Shade: Opaque White Single Syringe
    Special Price ₹3,766.00 was ₹4,555.00

    Core-Flo DC Lite's optimal self-leveling viscosity allows for excellent adaption resulting in gap-free margins when replacing natural dentition with a direct core build-up.

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  5. Prevest Hemostal Gel Hemostatic Agent
    Special Price ₹349.00 was ₹499.00
    • Thixotropic gel- convenient to apply 
    • Non staining unlike ferric sulphate which stains porcelain venners and crowns.
    • Effectively stops minor gingival bleeding.
    • Stable and long shelf life.
    • Pleasantly flavoured.
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  6. GDC T Burnisher TB2
    Special Price ₹259.00 was ₹290.00
    • Designed to condense, smooth, carve and polish amalgam.
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  7. Neelkanth Compule Gun
    Special Price ₹699.00 was ₹899.00
    • For easy handling of compule tips i.e. direct & precise placement of the composite & compomer restorative into th cavity. Fully autoclavable.
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  8. Dentsply Jeltrate Chromatic Alginate Discontinued
    • Jeltrate® Alginate Impression Material is an irreversible hydrocolloid material designed for making dental impressions for case study models, orthodontic models, and opposing models.
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  9. VITA Linear Guide Shade Guide 3D Master
    Special Price ₹15,500.00 was ₹18,777.00
    • The shade system covers virtually all tooth shades that occur in nature and is designed to provide systematic coverage of the entire tooth color space.
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  10. Coltene Coltoprint Alginate Impression Material
    Special Price ₹300.00 was ₹321.00

    The New High Accuracy, High Stability Alginate from World Leaders in Impression Materials
    Three phase Chromatic Alginate

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  11. Hanau U Shape Frame Facebow
    Special Price ₹9,999.00 was ₹15,000.00
    • Hanau U-Shape Frame Facebow
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  12. Generic Yellow Intraoral Tips 100/pk
    Special Price ₹399.00 was ₹455.00
    • LD Yellow Intraoral Tips 100/pk - LD-044
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  13. Generic Brown Core Mixing Tips 50/pk -
    Special Price ₹490.00 was ₹700.00
    • LD Brown Core Mixing Tips 50/pk - LD-198
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    Special Price ₹4,699.00 was ₹5,000.00
     Outstanding tear strength and elongation
     Hydrophilic dental wash material
     Excellent dimensional stability
     Widest selection of viscosities
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  15. Prevest Isolate Seperating Medium
    • For painting the plaster of the muffle before pressing the meth-acrylate resins.
    • Isolating film to prevent the resin from sticking to the plaster.
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  16. Angelus Porcelain Ceramic Repair Kit
    Special Price ₹2,850.00 was ₹3,100.00
    • Products in one specific repair kit: quick and perfect repairs.
    • Masking products: esthetic repairs in porcelain fused to metal restorations.
    • Small quantities of each product.
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