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  1. GDC Dentulous Perforated Impression Trays
    Special Price ₹2,799.00 was ₹3,500.00
    • GDC Dentulous Perforated Impression Trays
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  2. Zhermack Occlufast Rock Bite Registration Material
    Special Price ₹3,299.00 was ₹5,200.00
    • Final hardness 95 Shore.
    • A Fast: 60 sec permanence in the oral cavity.
    • Thixotropic.
    • Purple colour.
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  3. DMG Honigum Putty With Light Body
    Special Price ₹6,550.00 was ₹8,900.00
    • Short time in mouth.
    • High patient comfort.
    • Reduced micro movements.
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  4. Ultradent Ultrapak Retraction Cord Size 000 Single Bottle
    Special Price ₹1,550.00 was ₹1,600.00
    • Ultrapak is made of 100% cotton, woven into thousands of tiny loops to form long intertwined chains.
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  5. Nexobio Transcen Temp C&B LC Crown & Bridge Resin
    Special Price ₹2,455.00 was ₹4,000.00
    • Temporary resin.
    • Light cured.
    • Strong and durable.
    • Delivered as a stick.
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  6. BPS Denture Centric Relation Tray Set Advance Booking
    Special Price ₹2,499.00 was ₹3,000.00
    • Centric Tray Set Dental Impression Trays BPS Denture Repair Occlusal Record
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    Special Price ₹4,455.00 was ₹4,760.00

    Visco-gel Tissue Conditioner and Temporary Soft Liner, 

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  8. Prevest Hemostal Gel Hemostatic Agent
    Special Price ₹294.00 was ₹450.00
    • Thixotropic gel- convenient to apply 
    • Non staining unlike ferric sulphate which stains porcelain venners and crowns.
    • Effectively stops minor gingival bleeding.
    • Stable and long shelf life.
    • Pleasantly flavoured.
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  9. Oro Yellow Mixing Tips
    Special Price ₹599.00 was ₹900.00
    • ORO Yellow Mixing Tips allow easy, automatic mixing of impression material using the cartridge dispenser.
    • Provide convenient, precise application of material.
    • It Suits for Extra-Light/Light/Regular-Body,Regular/Heavy-Body Impression Material.
    • Tips provide precise placement interproximally.
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  10. Ivoclar Vivadent Heliobond Bonding Agent
    Special Price ₹4,250.00 was ₹8,788.00
    • For optimum marginal seal between tooth and composite, when applied in conjunction with the enamel-etch technique.
    • Storage at room temperature.
    • Adhesive for enamel bonding.
    • Together with Syntac also dentin bonding agent.
    • Cementation of tooth jewelry, e.g. Skyce.
    • Transparent sealing of fissures and restorations.
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  11. Chinese Shade Guide
    Special Price ₹1,399.00 was ₹1,999.00
    • Shade Guide Chinese Preorder
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  12. Dentsply Aquasil Soft Putty & Light Body Kit Addition Silicone
    Special Price ₹6,199.00 was ₹9,000.00
    • The first and only hydrophilic putty/wash system.
    • Performs in a moist environment.
    • Quick, easy putty blending.
    • Superb detail reproduction.
    • Excellent readability, high contrast colors.
    • High flow, Smart Wetting wash material.
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  13. Hanau Disposable Mounting Plates
    Special Price ₹1,075.00 was ₹1,100.00
    • Designed to hold models securely in place. Metal insert minimizes cross threading and facilitates ease of use. Fits both HANAU™ and DENAR® Articulators.
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  14. Pyrax Modelling Wax
    Special Price ₹135.00 was ₹150.00
    • Pyrex Modelling wax is an all season multiutility wax.
    • It allows carving without chippin.
    • Shelf life : 36 months.
    • Colors : Light Pink/ Dark pink , Light Red/ Dark Red.
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    Special Price ₹4,699.00 was ₹5,000.00
     Outstanding tear strength and elongation
     Hydrophilic dental wash material
     Excellent dimensional stability
     Widest selection of viscosities
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