Meditrix Dental Xray Unit

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Meditrix X-Ray
  • Dent-X is compatible with all the digital sensors currently on the market.

Dental Wall Model / Dental Floor Model :-

Dent-X : the essential unit

While employing the same advanced technology of dent-x is based on the classic manual selection of exposure times.

Dent-X is compatible with all the digital sensors currently on the market.

For those that prefer a no-frills unit, dent-X is the best tradeoff between performance and budget.


  • To adapt to every installation condition, dent-X can be configured with a remote X-ray pushbutton that allows you to start the exposure outside the examination room.
  • The mobile version will give the maximum positioning freedom.

Dental Scissors Arm machine :-


Even the finest detail in the whole new scissors arm have been carefully designed so that you will appreciate for the quality of Dent-Xpro units. The lightness of positioning perfectly goes along with stability, to adopt to every installation condition. Dent-X can be configured with a cordless remote for timing setting & X-ray shoot.

Dent-X Pro :-

Wall Model Scissors Arm

Inbuilt voltage stablization system

works in dual mode i.e. RVG Mode and Film Mode which gives you independence for keeping your time settings for both modes simultane


  • Power Supply : 230V +- 10 %
  • X-Ray tube : 70kV, 10mA
  • Focal spot : 0.8mm x 0.8mm
  • Focus to the skin distance : 20 cm.
  • Filtration : 1.5 –Al
  • Exposure times : 0.1s to 2.99 s
  • Anatomic programs (Optional) : 30 pre- set times with cordless remote
  • Micro processor base timer with cordless remote for time setting and exposure.
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