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 Sterile Collagen Membrane
 Fish origin for GTR applications
 Cost effective

Eucare Periocol - GTR is a Sterile Collagen Periodontal Membrane For Guided Tissue Regeneration. This is  Type 1 collagen membrane of Fish origin for GTR applications. It Possesses excellent handling characteristics and extremely cost effective. It has two variants of different sizes - (25 x 30 mm) and (15 x 15 mm)

Collagen is an extra cellular protein playing a major role in connective tissue. It is the most abundant protein in humans and performs multiple functions. In fish, the largest concentration of collagen is found in the skeleton, fins, skin and air bladder.

The Periocol – GTR membrane is trimmed into suitable configuration to cover the defect. The membrane is soaked in the distilled water before placement, to improve adhesion properties and malleability. It is then adapted over the defect extending 2-3 mm apical to the crest of the existing bone, to provide a broad base during placement. The flaps should be secured with interdental sutures to obtain primary closure of the individual tissues. A periodontal dressing should be given for 7-10 days.

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