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VibraJect Injection System
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  • VibraJect® is a cost effective device that snaps right on to your existing syringe.
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VibraJect Injection Comfort Solution - GoldenDent: Exclusive Distributor

VibraJect® is a cost effective device that snaps right on to your existing syringe. There are no new procedures to learn and no disposable aspects. It produces a mild vibrating sensation that helps over-ride the pain signals from the needle. The nerve endings associated with sensing temperature and pain are small, uninsulated and have a relatively low signal intensity. The nerves which respond to pressure and vibration are larger, insulated and have a relatively high signal intensity.

When vibration and pain signals are combined, as in the case with an injection using VibraJect, it is believed that the “vibration” message carried by the insulated nerves predominates over the “pain” message carried by the smaller uninsulated nerves. The “tactile” pathway appears to have an inhibitory action on the “pain” pathway at the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. The patient only experiences vibration.

VibraJect uses very simple and cost effective, proven technology to improve your injections whether giving intraligamentals, palatals or blocks.

For less than five cents per patient, you can grow your practice with this simple device. Even if you are using the competition, the ongoing running costs for tips and/or wands will cost you multiple times more than the cost of purchasing the VibraJect. The product is less expensive and more effective in my experience and I highly recommend you take a moment to review the details on our website, and then start providing comfortable injections your patients will appreciate.

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